ERCOT document, video explain use of DG, DR

ERCOT document, video explain use of DG, DR

June 05, 2020 ERCOT yesterday published an "explainer document" and accompanying video on how DG an

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June 05, 2020

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ERCOT yesterday published an “explainer document” and accompanying video on how DG and DR are used in its footprint. DG and DR continue to play a larger role in ERCOT so it is becoming more important that the grid operator understands how they complement other resources and support grid reliability, the ISO said.

“All generation resources provide great value to the grid, and our goal is to ensure these newer resources can participate in the ERCOT market and help provide reliable electric service to Texans,” ERCOT’s Director of Grid Coordination Bill Blevins said in prepared remarks.

The tools are now available on ERCOT’s DG webpage. Due to their close proximity to consumers, DGs can help serve load at the distribution level during emergency conditions, storms, or local deliverability issues.

Dispatchable DGs such as natural gas generators and batteries are flexible resources, which can complement electric systems that run with higher amounts of intermittent resources. Both DG and DR help cut net consumer demand at a customer’s particular location if that is needed.

ERCOT estimated 850 MW of…

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